Top 3 Web Design Lead Generation Methods

Web design lead generation can be a lengthy process. You’re attending networking events, your writing blog posts, you’re telling everyone you meet what you do and although the odd job comes out of it, it’s not consistent enough for you to start growing. This is how many new web designers start out and it’s frustrating, especially when your rent is due in 2 weeks and there are no new jobs on the horizon.

The key to filling your pipeline with businesses in need of your help is to diversify and implement several methods at once, being consistent in your approach. Three key methods to do this are:

1. Find businesses with bad websites and offer to help them

There are so many sites out there that let the businesses they represent down. An old or bad website can make a company look out of touch, that they don’t care about their public image or that they don’t care about their clients. Finding these sites and contacting the owner directly can be of huge benefit to both you and them. You can gain a new clients and drastically improve a company’s standing, something that boosts their standing and gives you immense job satisfaction.

2. Find businesses actively seeking web designers to build or rework their websites

Not everyone knows a web designer so when some companies need a new website, or they have the foresight to realise their current site isn’t up to scratch, they approach web designers to submit a proposal for the work they need doing. This can be very lucrative for the designer as they can submit proposals for 20 projects a day.

3. Find government contracts that can keep you busy for months or even years

When public sector websites are needed, such as for a school or government department, they have to be tendered out to avoid nepotism. These contacts can be worth 6 figures and can keep web businesses going for years.

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